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Australia’s Port Hedland is a mining town, founded in the 19th century, with many of the town’s inhabitants braving the heat and dust to mine iron ore and gold. There were big plans for Port Hedland, including a lavish yachting marina, railways, and an endless stream of ships bound for China. However, many of these plans were not materialized and a decline was seen in the last decade. As such, many mining companies have shut down and moved on to different ventures.

The good news is, ore prices have recently picked up and new plans for Port Hedland have started to emerge. Consequently, we are seeing a huge demand for mining procurement services and crane hire companies. Cranes are being used both for mine shutdown projects and newly started mining operations.

At Ashburton Crane Hire, our prime business is to provide heavy-duty process cranes for the mining industry. We understand that the cranes required in any mining project need to be able to carry extra-heavy and dangerous loads. They must also be protected against heat, dust, moisture, and wear from frequent use. ACH mining cranes are built for difficult lifting applications and can withstand even the toughest environments.


Why Choose Ashburton Mining Procurement Services?

Procurement in the mining industry can be a challenge, and with many crane companies around the area, it can get confusing. But, if you know the right kind of mining procurement solutions and mining cranes for your project needs, it can be a breeze. While you can find several general crane services in WA, when it comes to cranes and riggers, Ashburton Crane Hire is a trusted name. We specialise in mining projects and have helped the mining industry thrive through its ups and downs. We offer the safest and most reliable cranes, fit for any mining job in Port Hedland. More than that, we can provide you with an expert crane operator that will push you toward your project’s success.

With ACH, you get the right mining procurement solutions and the most suitable equipment. We can assist you with project planning and help you avoid any future problems in your mining operations. We also offer 24/7 assistance to help you avoid expensive delays in a rare case of a machine malfunction. Our modern cranes are up to any huge mining task, fully mobile, and able to lift loads up to 300 tonnes. Whatever you require, we have the right crane that complies with Western Australian OH&S regulations. Furthermore, we can guarantee that all our cranes undergo regular safety inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT). So, your project will certainly be completed on time and without causing any harm

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If you have a mining project that needs lifting power and versatility, get in touch with Ashburton Crane Hire. Our expertise gained through years of experience in the mining industry, along with the quality of our equipment, and incredible prices, makes us the best crane company in Perth and all over Australia.

ACH is open 24 hrs/7 days a week. For a free consultation, call us on (08) 9148 1770. You can explain what you need for your mining project, and we’ll tell you exactly how we can make it happen.

Port Hedland Mobile Crane Hire

Are you planning a home renovation project, need to raise steel beams for a large-scale project, or require heavy objects to be moved to or from a difficult-to-reach location? If you’re working on a huge project that requires a lot of heavy lifting, you’ll most likely need a crane. A crane is a machine that is used to lift and move big weights, machinery, materials, and objects for a variety of purposes. They are utilized in a wide range of industries, from construction to manufacturing to shipbuilding and material loading. They are very useful in terms of transporting, loading and unloading, relocation, and lifting. You might also discover that they can be used for projects that you had no idea existed. Although a crane may be useful in a variety of industries, it is not always a good idea to invest in one. For some businesses, renting one is the better option.

Hiring a crane makes more financial sense for businesses that only need it for a few projects and minor tasks. Crane rentals provide you with up-to-date equipment and skilled assistance whenever you need it. You don’t need to worry about the repairs and maintenance of the trucks. The rental company will guarantee that the equipment is adequately maintained and ready for use. Any repairs that are required will be covered by your rental agreement. More than that, hiring a crane also allows you to gain access to backup and support services. So, you can rest easy knowing that someone is ready to assist you in case something unexpected happens to the crane.

Why Choose ACH Cranes in Port Hedland?

Ashburton Crane Hire has completed numerous projects across multiple industries in Perth and Western Australia since 2005. We offer a variety of high-quality cranes so you can choose whatever fits the nature of your work. Our cranes can accommodate jobs of any size and scale, just be certain of what to identify the exact items that will be lifted and how long you will need them. Rest assured, we will provide you with the most ideal crane that would fit your working environment and the lifting capacity you require.

If you are doing routine construction and just need to move huge amounts of goods, a mobile crane is most likely the best option. However, if you are planning an architectural construction project, a tower crane will be the best alternative for you. Simply speak with our industry experts to learn more about which type of crane is ideal for your purposes. During the consultation, we can also provide you with a no-obligation quote. So, you’ll have an idea of how much you’ll be spending on your project before it even starts.

At Ashburton Crane Hire, we take great pride in the equipment and services we offer. Every project with us is not only completed on time, but also to the greatest possible standard. We also take the responsibility to ensure that all equipment is safe to use. All our cranes are regularly serviced, maintained, and repaired as needed. You’ll get a safe and dependable vehicle, along with expert support, and a competitive quote.

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Crane Trucks Hire Port Hedland

Crane trucks have grown so much in popularity as technology has advanced, particularly in the manufacturing and construction industries. Nowadays, most large construction, demolition, material transport, and shipping projects demand strong lifting cranes. Their primary function is to efficiently transport heavy materials from one place to another and move equipment around a job site. Other ways they can be used include garbage removal, mining, tree removal, vehicle relocation, timber delivery, and other residential, commercial, or industrial projects. It’s simply the perfect solution for any job that requires you to lift and transport heavy equipment and materials.

The success of your project, however, is dependent on selecting the appropriate crane truck. This can also help avoid future accidents and losses, saving you time and money. If the crane truck you are using is not appropriate for the project, major problems may arise. The wrong crane just cannot do the work properly. And, crane operators may experience tremendous problems or, in the worst-case scenario, accidents. Bear in mind that safety is the most important consideration. That’s why the most suitable type of crane should be chosen for each project.


To find the right crane truck for the job, you need to consider your site environment, the crane’s load weight capacity, and the lift height required. At Ashburton Crane Hire, we offer a variety of crane trucks that would be perfect for any project and service you may need. By sharing with us information about your job site and your intended use for the crane truck hire, we can lead you to the best options. Knowing your area’s terrain, spatial limits, and local weather conditions will help us provide you with the most appropriate crane truck that will help complete your project safely and efficiently. Other than that, we can provide you with the best crane for your required load weight and height. We will make sure that the crane’s lifting capacity is proportional to the weight of your load and can lift it properly at the required heights.

Whether you need a crane truck for a commercial, residential or industrial project, we’ve got one that’ll do the job for you! What’s more, Ashburton Crane Hire can guarantee that all our cranes are well-maintained and able to provide their best performance every time! Your safety is number one on our list of priorities, so you won’t have to worry about machine or engine troubles while using our crane truck. Furthermore, we are proud to say that our level of service sets us apart from other similar companies. So, you can rely on our expert operators to provide swift assistance at your request.

Check out our different crane trucks for hire through our website and speak with our friendly staff for more information. We’ll gladly give you the best advice on a free consultation. We also provide no-obligation inspections and appraisals to make sure we fully understand your situation and offer you the best crane truck for the job.

Lifting Equipment Port Hedland

There are various kinds of heavy lifting equipment on the market today. This includes cranes, forklifts, winches, boom lifts, chain blocks, and lever hoists. Each machine employs a distinct mechanism to manage a huge and heavy object. Some devices move items up and down, while others move them side to side or a mix of the two. These machines, thanks to technology innovation, not only aid in the completion of building projects but also support workers in numerous labour and maintenance chores across various industries. The majority of them can be found in businesses such as construction, repair, maintenance, electrical utilities, and many others.

ACH CRANES – Port Hedland

Probably the best lifting equipment for any large project is a crane. They are capable of lifting and lowering loads beyond the capabilities of human construction workers. They feature hoist ropes, wire ropes, and sheaves that help effectively and safely carry large objects.

Ashburton Crane Hire operates a modern fleet of 11 affordable mobile cranes for hire throughout Western Australia. We provide an all-terrain mobile construction crane to pick and carry cranes, making large projects easier and faster to complete. Our cranes are ideal for heavy construction operations and a variety of lifting tasks. In addition, ACH runs a freight transportation service, with crane trucks regularly tested and maintained. We work hard to give the best and most dependable service to your job site.


Rigging is work that can only be performed successfully by highly skilled individuals. Our riggers are experts in using shackles, cables, chains, clamps, or straps to secure cargo to cranes or structures, as well as pulleys, winches, lifts, or chain hoists. ACH provides specialized industrial rigging solutions that can be used in a wealth of applications. With 20 years of experience in the field, our team of qualified rigging professionals is equipped to properly perform every rigging job you require.


Ashburton Crane Hire is a reputable company that consistently ensures safe crane operations by encouraging occupational health and safety excellence at construction and engineering/lifting projects across Western Australia. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all workers on all our projects, as well as the safety of our clients and subcontractors. As such, we deliver safe lifting solutions compliant with Western Australian OH&S rules and regulations and practice risk management in every project we do.

ACH is committed to setting goals and objectives to avoid work-related incidents involving our cranes and services. We strictly abide by every legislative safety rule, code, standard, and guideline around each project. Every crane we have goes through extensive safety checks, such as non-destructive testing, and if any crane parts show signs of being damaged, they are replaced or repaired immediately.

Whether it’s for a construction site, oil and gas project, marine service, or mining project, we can provide the right cranes. On top of that, you also get highly knowledgeable operators who can deliver prompt, dependable, and safe service. So, if you have a project that requires heavy loads to be lifted above the ground, and transported to another location, you can count on Ashburton Crane Hire to get the job successfully done!

Haulage Transport Port Hedland

Finding the safest and most economical way to transport heavy loads can be strenuous and nerve-wracking. This is especially true if you’re not getting any help from a haulage transport specialist. It requires planning and the right equipment to perform such huge amounts of work that would be impossible to accomplish on your own. A slight mistake could put your business in a terrible situation. Time and money could be wasted, freight or equipment could get damaged, and customers could end up disappointed. Consequently, your entire business could suffer a huge loss that could ultimately determine its success.

Whether you need haulage transport for a one-time project or on a regular basis, you’ll need an expert on your side. By hiring the service of professionals such as Ashburton Crane Hire, you can make a solid plan in lifting and moving your large items across different locations. While our cranes can successfully lift and carry abnormal loads, our transport vehicles can successfully take them to your desired location.


Our transport vehicles are robust and reliable, built to withstand different climates and roads. So, you can rest easy knowing that all your assets or products will be delivered properly and on time. You won’t have to face damages, delays, and financial setbacks. More than that, they are all regularly maintained and undergo regular checks. So, you know there’s little to zero chance of a breakdown during haulage. What’s more, we have experts that can quickly assist you in case something goes wrong. We can also provide an equipment operator that can handle the work. You won’t have to worry about operating our heavy machinery.

While other companies may be able to provide the same haulage transport services, what sets ACH apart from the rest is our commitment to safety and service. We believe that safety is priceless and it is our goal to make sure we provide solutions that follow Western Australian OH&S regulations. And, we are a known leader in safe crane operations. We proudly promote occupational health and safety excellence at construction, lifting, and haulage transport projects across Western Australia. Our goal is to keep our customers, subcontractors, and employees safe and healthy. Our service is also unparalleled in the industry, offering an exceptionally reliable and flexible service to all our clients. We have a highly experienced operations team that won’t just meet your demands. They will also exceed your project requirements and expectations.

Are you looking for a safe and efficient way of transporting freight and equipment? Come to Ashburton Crane Hire! We have a wonderful range of specialised selection of manned and equipment-only hire services throughout Perth and Western Australia. We provide crane, rigging, and transport services to several different industries including logistics, construction, domestic, marine and vehicle, industrial, oil and gas, and mining companies. Our cranes and transport equipment, coupled with a professional and experienced team will help take your project to the highest levels to ensure your business’ success. Contact Ashburton Crane Hire for a free consultation and no-obligation quote today!

Boat Lift Port Hedland

A boat is a wonderful piece of property to have, especially for people who like to go fishing or take a dip in the ocean. However, owning one can also be extremely expensive. A boat is a major investment that requires a whole lot of care. Aside from its engine and physical composition, you also need to think about establishing safe storage for it. You can’t just leave it in the water 24/7 because over time, water causes damages that could significantly impact how long it will last. Seawater can cause corrosion on its underside and algae will start to collect, leaving layers of residue. And, if you have low-quality paint, you will have to deal with expensive and lengthy repairs. In its worst conditions, you’ll be spending more time fixing and cleaning your boat instead of enjoying it.

To make the most out of your investment, you need to have a solution in prolonging your boat’s lifespan. The best way to do it is to store your boat dry and out of the water when it is not being constantly used. By keeping its bottom clean, you can improve its performance and reduce the need for maintenance work. More than that, you will be able to keep it at its optimal value, in case you decide to sell it to someone else.

The most ideal solution in keeping your boat safe and in its best value for as long as possible, you’ll need a boat lift. From secure storage to damage prevention, boat lifts can help you keep your boat in better condition for a longer period of time. It can also make it easier to enjoy time on the water!


If extreme care is required to move your boat, whatever its size, Ashburton Crane Hire can help! We understand how precious time out on the water is, so we are here to help make your boat movement quick and stress-free! Our boat lifting service is impeccable, with trained operators that can handle everything, from planning to lifting and transporting your boat.

You can hire our cranes for your marine project any time of the year, whether they require being stored away from the water or for maintenance reasons. And, since safety is our priority, you can expect that our equipment will constantly perform properly. They are top-of-the-line and serviced regularly. Whatever the size of your boat, we can assure you that we have the right equipment. We’ll help you pick the right lifting machines that can guarantee a job safely and successfully done. We can lift and move any type of boat, including fibreglass, catamarans, yachts, wood, steel, and mono-hulls. Moreover, our practice of risk management ensures that any issues that may exist before or during a lift will be carefully addressed.

Call us today to learn more about our services. We can help you find the right crane required for your specific project! We can also visit your marina and assess the work required for your project to make sure the job is properly and quickly done.