Affordable Crane Hire For Boat Lifting Services Perth

Ashburton Crane Hire provides affordable boat lifting services Perth-wide. Whether you need to carefully move your yacht, leisure boats, powerboat, or cargo to and from water, boat sheds, boat racks, ships, trucks, etc, we’ve got the right team of professionals and equipment to handle your request.

The owner of Ashburton Crane Hire Perth is a keen boatie and understands the importance of care for moving boats safely in Perth.

Marine salvage work using cranes to lift sunken boats and other sunken marine objects is done by loading our cranes for hire on big boats or barges and lifting sunken objects from underwater. For emergency marine lifting of boats, phone our after-hours phone number 0408 933 905.

Franna Crane shipped to NW Australia by boat

Crane Load Boat Fremantle Harbour Perth

Yachts Perth

We have experience in crane lifting and moving yachts in Perth, lifting masts from yacht or stepping yacht masts Perth wide.

Yacht crane lifting service Perth

Power Boats Perth

We lift power boat motors and replace motors big or small, gen-sets and gearboxes from power boats which often means working lifting from tight spaces.

Boat lift service Perth

Australian Marine Complex

Heavy marine lifting loads – no problem. The photo below is of our two cranes lifting a heavy load at the Australian Marine Complex at Henderson. With hopefully the submarine maintenance contract coming to the Australian Marine Complex we look forward to providing crane lifting services for engineering companies near the Australian Marine Complex. For more information see crane hire near the Australian Marine Complex in Perth Western Australia.

Photo of Perth cranes for hire

Commercial Fishing Boats

We provide crane hire lifting services for commercial fishing boats and other commercial boats in and near Fremantle harbour.

dock crane hire Fremantle