ACH Crane Hire offers a versatile, long reach, big lift, all-terrain 100-tonne Liebherr long-reach crane within Perth. Our long-reach crane is still compact enough to be set up in challenging areas and it comes with an out-rigger footprint of 7 meters by 7 meters.

If you need a long radius crane lift in Perth to install your construction materials, air conditioner, patio or pool, our long-reaching heavy lift crane with a boom fly attachment will get the job done. With this equipment, you are guaranteed a safe lifting, slewing, and lowering of heavy loads over long distances.

Our riggers can quickly set up the fly to extend the lift job reach. This set-up includes:

  • 52 Meters Main Boom
  • 19 Meter Fly crane boom extension
  • 7 Meter by 7 Meter Outrigger Footprint
  • 1 Trailer of Counterweight

Extra Long Reach Crane