Heavy Haulage Road Transport Services Perth WA

Our safe and reliable experienced truck drivers transport bulky goods in Perth and Western Australia-wide. Typical heavy haulage by truck transport from Perth is of extra-wide load, heavy, long haul road transportation of oversized goods and mining equipment to remote mine sites in Western Australia. Ashburton Transport Services division complements its crane hire business with integrated, discounted logistics packages. Both crane hire and our trucks can be used for lifting heavy loads onto our long, heavy haul road transport.

Heavy Haulage Road Transport WA

If using Ashburton crane hire Perth WA to load our low loader semi-trailer trucks in Perth, Ashburton’s Transport division gives an affordable trucking discount. The discounted bulk freight price of heavy haulage truck road transport is available because:

We have big semi-trailer trucks to move our cranes.

Most of the time our trucks had sat idle till we decided to deploy to our new heavy haul road transport service Western Australia wide.

If you need a crane hire to transfer a heavy load to your destination anywhere in Western Australia, Ashburton Transport Services, watransport.com.au, will transport a mobile crane to your site. Whilst on site our cranes and low loader trucks can be hired as well to either move heavy loads on your site/district and or get discounted prices for heavy haulage road transport /  back loaded freight to Perth WA.

About Ashburton Road Transport

Short distance or long distance heavy haulage road transport to or from Perth WA is the speciality of ACH Transport Services. Ashburton Transport Western Australia started in 1989 as a WA family owned and managed crane hire business in the Pilbara region of northwest of Western Australia by Guy Black and his father Bill Black. Our 25t Franna cranes with heavy lift capabilities and small dimensions are popular with clients in the mining, oil and gas industries at Karratha, Onslow, Tom Price, Port Hedland and Goldfields of Western Australia. While we have big trucks to transport heavy equipment to the resources industry we’ve also at times managed logistics to transport goods by sea. Our Perth transport company office at High Wycombe near the Kewdale rail freight yard is staffed by our logistics manager and friendly helpful client relations manager / CFO.

Heavy Haulage Road Transport Services Perth WA

Franna Crane on a Boat