160t DEMAG – 160t Crane

The agile AC 160-5 can squeeze into nearly any situation, with a width of only 2.75m and total length of 14.51m. Its 5-axle steering system, independent rear axle steering, and dynamic launch control enable it to navigate areas that would bog down other cranes. While compact, it offers impressive reach: the AC 160-5’s 68m main boom is the longest in its class. The crane’s single engine concept, start-stop function and intelligent motor management system reduce operational cost and maintenance. This compact powerhouse stays under the 12t axle load limit, yet can still carry 650kg of payload.

Key Features
  • Max. load capacity 160 t
  • Telescopic boom 68 m
  • Max. hoist height 97 m
  • Max. radius 66 m
  • Number of axles 5
160T Dmag - AC 160-5


Max. load capacity: 160 t
Telescopic boom from: 12.40 m
Telescopic boom up to: 68 m
Lattice jib from: 11.00 m
Lattice jib up to: 21.00 m
Drive engine/make: Scania
Drive engine: 6-Cylinder-Diesel
Drive engine/power: 405 kW
Number of axles: 5
Engine Torque: 2476 Nm
Fuel Capacity: 480 litre



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