Crane Truck for Hire in Glendalough 

Mining at Glendalough dates back to the 1790s, when lead, zinc, and silver were mined in both the Glendalough and Glendasan valleys. With the bustling mining industry in this area, crane hires are necessary for the heavy lifting. However, mining isn’t all that cranes can be used for in Glendalough.

In general, the goal of any sort of crane can bear loads, large or small, and operate on wet or dry land. There are cranes ideal for use on the ground and others that are suitable for use underground. At Ashburton Crane Hire, we provide rough terrain and all-terrain cranes are best suited for mining and construction services, along with a variety of other cranes that can be used for different kinds of projects! 





While construction and mining may be the obvious sectors that benefit from crane applications, in reality, Perth ports use significantly more cranes. Tower cranes guard the quaysides of ports waiting to discharge food and other loose commodities. 


Local Government

For those one-time occurrences, local governments normally keep the number of a local mobile crane hire company on hand. Whether it’s to move large trees that have fallen into busy roads during a storm, or righting large vehicles and equipment blown over by the wind, a crane can be useful to the government. The use of a mobile crane is the quickest and safest approach to clear roads and large public spaces. It can keep traffic moving and keep the community safe from various hazards.


Power Companies

Many onshore wind turbine blades are lifted into place by lattice boom cranes, tower cranes, and, in certain cases, crawler cranes. Standard large lift mobile cranes are frequently used to lower substation generators, which can weigh hundreds of tons, into reinforced concrete bases. The generator is turned on after it is in place, bolted down, and connected to the system.


Engineering Companies

If heavy equipment is employed in the manufacturing process, practically every area of Australian industry will require the support of a crane hire company. Engineering firms are near the top of the list. Heavy pieces of machinery must be moved, loaded, and unloaded at their destination. Ashburton Crane hire has compact city cranes appropriate for smaller lathes and drilling platforms that can be maneuvered out through the doors, as well as massive heavy lift cranes capable of safely moving heavyweight presses out through the ceiling.  

Aside from those mentioned above, there are many other industries that can benefit from Crane Hire. Do you have an upcoming project that requires moving heavy objects from one place to another? Consider renting a crane from Ashburton Crane Hire Glendalough.

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