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 Mobile cranes are complex machinery that continues to play an important part in global building. They have exceptional weight-bearing capacity and can undertake the majority of the hard lifting on any project site. And, since they are mounted on wheels or crawler tracks, they make it easy to transport large and heavy objects across different locations or within a job site. 

Do you have a project that requires the use of a mobile crane? Unless you are regularly using cranes in your business, your best option is to work with a reliable crane rental company. This saves you time, money, and energy that is required if you purchase your own crane. Ashburton Crane Hire Joondanna has a variety of cranes and equipment that can cater to your heavy lifting and transport needs!





Renting mobile cranes guarantees that you have access to the equipment you require, regardless of the location of the project site. When you buy a crane, you must worry about moving the machinery to each job site, which can be difficult for businesses that work in multiple states. Moreover, if you work on multiple projects at once, waiting for the crane you own to finish work at one location before moving it to another can cause costly delays and inefficiencies. Ashburton Crane Hire will handle all of the logistics of delivering the equipment to your next project site. You can also rent more than one crane to complete several jobs at the same time.



Depending on your requirements, a mobile crane can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some versions costing up to $500,000 or more. Aside from the significant upfront cost, purchasing a mobile crane requires ongoing maintenance and other fees, even during the downtime between jobs. You must have a qualified mechanic perform routine maintenance and repair of any equipment failures. Furthermore, some cranes must be delivered in many truckloads and then constructed on the job site before being disassembled at the end. 

Renting a crane for certain projects as needed will help you keep your operational costs low. At Ashburton Crane hire, we will deliver and pick up the crane as you request, saving you a lot of money and time in the process. Moreover, we handle all the inspections and maintenance work so you’ll have a functional crane on your site every time.



Renting a mobile crane means having significantly less paperwork and logistics to deal with. When you own a crane, you must be concerned with additional DOT (Department of Transportation) compliance, transportation planning, crane service and repair for any failures, and safely storing the equipment. You will also need to worry about acquiring crane insurance and maintaining your staff fully licensed to operate the crane. All of these duties might add up to a mound of paperwork. 

A mobile crane rental company can handle the finer details. You’ll have more peace of mind and be able to focus your efforts on other elements of your tasks if you have less paperwork to worry about.



Working with a mobile crane is a collaborative endeavour with many moving elements. When you purchase a crane, you are responsible for locating licensed drivers and operators, as well as a professional technician to respond in the event that problems emerge. Finding an experienced workforce to deliver, operate, and maintain your crane takes time and money.

Ashburton Crane Hire has qualified personnel who will transport, deploy, and operate the crane safely on your behalf. Having dependable support from a team of experienced professionals will ensure that the job runs well from start to finish. 



Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a crane only to have it fail halfway through a project. If a crane you acquire malfunctions or ceases working entirely, your job site may come to a standstill until the equipment is repaired. To avoid this, hire a mobile crane from Ashburton Crane Hire. In the uncommon occasion that a crane problem arises, our competence allows us to diagnose and respond swiftly, minimizing costly downtime on your project.

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    Renting a mobile crane, over purchasing one, offers simplicity and peace of mind. You don’t have to stress about maintenance, inspections, transportation logistics, insurance, and fuel. However, when renting a mobile crane, it is critical to choose which machine is most suited for your specific job. You must calculate how high the crane must reach, how much weight it can hold, and how long the crane will be on-site. Ashburton Crane Hire can help you determine your needs and provide you with the best type of crane for your job site. Contact us today at 08 9454 7000.