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Cranes are versatile equipment, critical to the safety and development of a variety of industries in Malaga. They may be tailored for any place, including difficult environments with limited space. If your next project requires heavy lifting and transporting bulky items between separate locations or within your job site, Ashburton Crane Hire in Malaga is here to lend you the best crane hire services! We have a variety of reliable cranes from top brands and we’ll help you choose the most suitable equipment for your needs. Beyond that, we have licensed operators that can safely manoeuvre cranes to make sure your project is completed without any problems.

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    Residential and commercial construction companies often require rental cranes on site. Building single-family, multifamily, and modular homes need cranes to help the construction crew move heavy equipment or lift materials to higher floors. Even with building single-story homes, cranes can assist with site preparation by removing trees and assisting in concrete pouring. Similarly, cranes help commercial projects by allowing work to be accomplished at greater heights. For example, cranes can move and lift steel beams and roof trusses or transfer large electrical lines, air conditioning, HVAC, or other industrial-grade equipment to the roof or attic level safely.


    Public construction projects often have space constraints, especially if the project takes place along major roads and public areas. Blocking lanes for construction work often requires special requirements to get permission from the city. This is why it’s best to create the smallest footprint and make the work less disruptive. By using rental cranes for moving equipment and lifting building parts, you can overcome the issue of needing more space. Highly trained operators from crane rental companies can also help ensure swift completion and incident-free construction at public construction sites.


    Cranes are essential equipment typically used in mining and mineral processing. Cranes such as mining hoists, overhead travelling cranes, and gantry cranes contribute to ensuring the safe and quick completion of production and maintenance tasks. They can carry huge weights and transport products and equipment across rough terrains and uneven grounds.


    Power generation and transmission are supported by a vast network of wires and towers. Cranes can assist with the placement, repair, or deconstruction of these electrical towers. When a company utilizes a crane for electricity lines, the poles that support the wires can be installed or removed. They can also construct huge steel distribution towers. Moreover, a crane can hoist the unit up to the tower site to replace transformers. In case of an electrical emergency, rental cranes can speed up power restoration by supplementing a power company’s current fleet of boom trucks and cranes.


    Moving shipping crates or storage containers with the use of a crane around a warehouse or distribution centre is occasionally necessary. They can help avoid product damage and injuries that could result in liability. By contracting a crane rental company that prioritizes safety, you get sturdy equipment and a skilled operator that can move and store your products safely and efficiently.

    Ashburton Crane Hire is a specialist crane hire company with an amazing reputation for offering high-quality equipment and machinery as well as excellent customer service. For all lifting solutions, including difficult lifts and pick and carry services, we are your go-to crane experts. You can reach us at 08 9454 7000 if you are interested in our services and for any further questions.