Crane Truck for Hire in Victoria Park

Victoria Park, a calm metropolitan suburb, is gradually getting gentrified and urbanized. And, along with these changes spring the need for more infrastructures that are developed with the help of cranes. Other than construction support, cranes are also used to move large objects and goods around and safely take them across a distance to their final location.  

Ashburton Crane Hire Victoria Park offers you the latest equipment along with professional operators to give you the best services! Our cranes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with models to suit any imaginable job role. Whether you are in the construction, mining, or manufacturing sector, you certainly could use the help of a crane at one time or another.



In simple terms, a crane service is used to lift and move heavy objects or goods from one place to anotherWhen you work with a crane rental provider, you can be confident that you will receive the most up-to-date, well-maintained, and properly examined equipment. Each stage of the process, from needs assessment through completion, will be overseen by professional team members. Whatever your project’s specs and goals, the crane specialists will have the tools and services you require.




Increased Flexibility

One of the best things about hiring Ashburton cranes is that the rental process is convenient and flexible. You just try out the crane, and if it does not meet your requirements, you may choose from the rest of our large selection. If a specific type of crane is required for work, our rental services make it simple to procure. 


Affordable Costs

Each crane you purchase costs thousands of dollars, not to mention the costs of inspections, fuel, repairs, and storage. However, when you rent Ashburton cranes, you will not be required to maintain or store them. All our cranes are well-maintained and checked before dispatch. So, they’re safe and ready for use upon arriving at your project location. Moreover, our cranes come with expert operators so you don’t need to hire additional manpower to complete the job.


Maximum Safety

Ashburton Crane Hire is committed to providing services with the utmost care for safety. That’s why we have knowledgeable and trustworthy personnel that runs the machines you rent. This way, your project can be completed efficiently and your employees won’t have to put themselves in danger, which is especially important if they haven’t been trained to operate the specific equipment.

Ashburton Crane Hire Services in Victoria Park

• Crane Truck Hire
• Mobile Crane Hire
• Boom Crane Hire
• Truck with Crane Hire
• Construction & Steel Erection
• Construction Crane Hire
• Crane Operation
• Crane Rental
• Franna Crane Hire
• Liebherr Crane Hire
• Riggers Hauling
• Mining Cranes Service
• Mining Shutdown Service
• Mining Procurement
• Boat Lifting Crane Hire


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    It may be tempting to simply purchase a crane, but this is rarely the best option unless you are a dedicated construction contractor. Otherwise, employing a crane rental company to do the heavy lifting is the top choice. If you are launching a new construction project or need help lifting or transporting huge objects, consider the benefits of a crane rental service. Ashburton Crane Hire Victoria Park is here to offer you a safe, cost-effective, and flexible way to achieve your project goals. 


    ACH believes that service distinguishes us, so we strive to exceed our client’s project requirements and expectations. We would love to hear from you whether you are seeking crane hiring equipment or skilled and experienced staff to take your project to new heights. You can reach us at 08 9454 7000 for additional details.