Tower Crane Hire Perth

Perth Tower Cranes Economic Indicator!

The spotting of tower cranes in the Perth city skyline has often been an economic indicator of the Western Australian economy. The chart above shows the number of tower cranes in a full year in Australian cities.

34 tower cranes were spotted on Perth building construction sites in 2020. More would have been spotted on Western Australian resource industry construction sites.

Mobile Tower Crane Hire Perth

Civil engineers and building construction engineers in Perth know when it’s best to hire tower cranes in Perth but there are times to consider alternative mobile crane hiring in Perth. We have 100t cranes with boom extensions for very tall reach. In 2020 we’ll be getting a 250t mobile construction crane for hire in Perth with and extra high crane boom.

Perth Crane Hire Considerations

With a growing number of mobile crane companies investing in more and bigger mobile cranes for hire in Perth, crunching the numbers for the best crane hire value and performance needs consideration. Advantages of mobile crane hire in Perth are listed below:

  1. The big advantage of mobile cranes over tower cranes is the speed of deployment. With building construction project speeding up, mobile cranes should be considered for hire.
  2. Mobile crane technology is improving all the time. With extra reach and load capabilities, mobile crane rental in Perth is becoming a viable alternative to tower crane hire.
  3. Ashburton Crane Hire can hotshot a mobile crane quick from Perth to your mine site or other resources project in Western Australia. We also have a supporting WA transport service to provide an integrated logistics service.


If you still need tower crane hire in Perth, know:

  • We can recommend reliable, safe tower crane companies in Perth WA.
  • Our mobile cranes are hired to assemble tower cranes in Perth.
Perth Crane - Mobile Cranes Perth

Crane Hire AMC, Crane Hire Near Australian Marine Complex


Photo of Ashburton Crane Hire at the AMC lifting prefabricated minerals processing plant equipment. A Western Australian lithium company hired two cranes to lift heavy ship cargo from a boat docked at the Australian Marine Complex wharf near the Port of Fremantle. The synchronised cranes lifted the heavy loads to low loading trucks for transport to a big new lithium plant project at the heavy industrial zone at Kwinana.

Our hired cranes followed the trucks from the AMC wharf to the Kwinana industrial complex to unload and lift into position the heavy lithium mineral processing plant equipment.

Ashburton crane hire Fremantle is often hired for loading and unloading at the Port of Frementle and at the AMC at nearby Henderson next to Kwinana. We are experienced in boat lifting Perth wide and boat moving services near the Australian Marine Complex. Two or more cranes can be hired for lifting big boats, boat engines and other heavy marine equipment.

boat lifting

Ashburton Crane Hire Perth hope the AMC/Western Australia are successful in winning the Australian submarine maintenance contract for 2020 and look forward to helping at the AMC with lifting submarine marine equipment.

Crane Transport WA 1024x549 1

WA Mining Cranes, Mine Site Construction Crane Hire

Mine Site Construction Crane Hire

Ashburton Crane Hire was called to the rescue to assist a Perth based mine and exploration drilling company. They needed vehicle and equipment lifted for some exploration drilling. The future WA mining project could not access the rear of the Perth property.

Crane Hire for WA Mining Exploration Company:

  • Lift their drill rig and other equipment over and down a limestone wall
  • Used a 25 tonne Franna crane and 2 x Riggers with the 1st rigger on the Franna side to guide the rig as it was lifted over and 2nd to land it.
  • Once the drilling project completed, we loaded the equipment back out of the property.

Needing Crane Hire for Your Mining Operation?

While based in Perth WA, Ashburton Crane Hire has its own crane transport to get mobile cranes for hire to mine site construction/maintenance projects in Western Australia.

Ashburton Crane Hire can transport a crane to your WA mine construction site on time and within budget!

WA crane transport photo above from our crane hire video. Used for long distance Western Australian transporting of our big all terrain cranes on tracks.

Below is a photo of multiple Ashburton Crane Hire cranes at a Western Australian mine site construction project.

pindan Switch Rooms Crane Lift

For long term crane hire at WA mining/construction sites we’ll want to return our crane transporter to Perth to move our bigger cranes and all terrain cranes on tracks to sites about Perth. Therefore ACH can back load, long haul transport bulk mining equipment to and from Perth at discounted mining equipment transport rates.

emergency crane hire in perth

Emergency Crane Hire Perth

Quick Reponse Urgent Crane Hire Perth

Need an emergency crane hire in Perth? Our crane hire business based near Perth airport, is open 24/7 for emergency mobile crane hire Perth wide. For mine site disasters in Western Australia where heavy lifting is required to rescue trapped miners, we can get a mobile crane to the scene of the mine disaster in the Goldfields within 24 hours and to the Pilbara within 36 hours.

Urgent Mobile Crane Hire Perth

In case of emergency or for quick/urgent heavy lifting, our fleet of mobile, reliable cranes and job ready, safe crane drivers are on quick call standby to rescue you from disasters which require an emergency response. For example to lift heavy debris off trapped people in a collapsed building or a truck involved in an accident.  Choose from a range of affordable cranes for hire in Perth at less than the market rate. Phone the emergency response manager 24/7 on 08 9454 7000 to get his team of crane drivers out in the middle of the night to rescue trapped people from disasters in Perth.

When you phone, it’s important during disasters:

  • to stay calm
  • state your name, return phone number and or who you represent.
  • the exact location of where the emergency mobile crane is needed in Perth or Western Australia
  • who or which organisation will be paying for the emergency crane hire and if the caller is not involved with the accident/emergency then a request to send a company purchase order or at least phone the PO, as we are getting crane drivers and mobile equipment on the road to the scene of the accident.