Emergency Crane Hire Perth

emergency crane hire in perth

Quick Reponse Urgent Crane Hire Perth

Need an emergency crane hire in Perth? Our crane hire business based near Perth airport, is open 24/7 for emergency mobile crane hire Perth wide. For mine site disasters in Western Australia where heavy lifting is required to rescue trapped miners, we can get a mobile crane to the scene of the mine disaster in the Goldfields within 24 hours and to the Pilbara within 36 hours.

Urgent Mobile Crane Hire Perth

In case of emergency or for quick/urgent heavy lifting, our fleet of mobile, reliable cranes and job ready, safe crane drivers are on quick call standby to rescue you from disasters which require an emergency response. For example to lift heavy debris off trapped people in a collapsed building or a truck involved in an accident.  Choose from a range of affordable cranes for hire in Perth at less than the market rate. Phone the emergency response manager 24/7 on 08 9454 7000 to get his team of crane drivers out in the middle of the night to rescue trapped people from disasters in Perth.

When you phone, it’s important during disasters:

  • to stay calm
  • state your name, return phone number and or who you represent.
  • the exact location of where the emergency mobile crane is needed in Perth or Western Australia
  • who or which organisation will be paying for the emergency crane hire and if the caller is not involved with the accident/emergency then a request to send a company purchase order or at least phone the PO, as we are getting crane drivers and mobile equipment on the road to the scene of the accident.

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